Scrapping for Sammi

My project for this week is to work on my grand-daughter Samantha’s scrapbook. She graduated May 24, 2012. Her mother is having a graduation party for her on the 9th of June for her friends and also family that were unable to attend the graduation. I want to have it finished as much as possible so I can give it to her then.

I have only had eighteen years to work on this scrapbook but wouldn’t you know I wait untill the last week and try to cram as much time in on it as I can. I seem to work better under pressure. I gathered all of my supplies, my computer, printer, glue runners, paper, punches, ink pads, stamps and all the little decorations for the added touches and went to work. Opened the scrapbook to the first page and it was from when she was christened and in one of the pictures it was Samantha, her mother Rhona, myself, my mother and my mothers mother. There were five generations together four generations making a promise to help her through life and here she is eighteen and ready to start her own journey. I couldn’t help that my chest felt full, I felt a lump in my throat and tears began to roll. I hope some day when she is looking through her scrapbook, it means as much for her to look back on the memories as it did for me to put it together.



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