Apron For Aspen




Apron for Morgen

100_0602This Christmas I made an aprons for the girls and we got together and baked cookies.

Apron For Sammi

I made this apron for my granddaughter Samantha’s 19th birthday.

Apron for Amelia

I thought for christmas this year I would make the girls Aprons. Amelia who is 5 years old now and in kindergarten loves to paint and I found the cutest paint splattered material. I think the apron along with a set of paints, brushes and art paper will make a fun gift.


I wanted to make a little apron that my step mom could use to gather vegetables from their garden. I knew what I had in mind and looked for a pattern. I found one exactly like I wanted by Simplicity. It said Sew Simple – One easy project. I am not a pattern reader, so the directions were not real clear to me. I am sure they are to those who sew clothes. I did use the pattern pieces I doubled my material for the main part of the apron and the pocket to make it sturdy. I cut the pieces out and put it together the way it made sense to me. I really do want to learn to read a pattern. But I think the Apron turned out very cute and I think it is up to daily use. She really loved it!