Sausage Roll Pillow Case


For my birthday, my mom came and spent the weekend with me, my daughter and grandkids. She gave each of the two older girls (Samantha & Aspen) a new sewing machine. She showed Aspen how to use the machine and then she showed us how to make this pillow case. It is so easy and fun to make. We had so much fun and it was priceless watching my mom passing down her skills to my grand-daughter.

I found some directions on You Tube and thought I would include them.



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I made this pillow for my grand-daughter Sammi when she was going through a taco phase. She loved taco’s, she even wore a jacket that said taco’s are good. She was very surprised when she unwrapped this birthday gift.

It is all made from different colors of felt representing the ingredients that would go into a taco.


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The pattern was for an 11″ duck with wheels and I wanted to make a larger size without wheels. I enlarged the pattern on my copier untill I reached the desired size. I had to tape the pieces of the pattern together because it was so large. My grand-daughter wanted a duck pillow and this worked out perfect and she loved it.