Winter Hat, Booties and Mittens for Baby Alice

Winter Hat,  Booties and Mittens for baby Alice

Winter Hat, Booties and Mittens for baby Alice

My great grand-daughter is due in November, so I got busy and learned how to make booties and no scratch mittens. I have made hats before for my other grand children but never had tried booties or mittens. I was very happy with the outcome and have to say I love you tube.


Cut an Paste

I come from the old school when cut and paste meant scissors, glue and lots of pictures or copies of pictures. And then of course you needed all of your graphics to work with, like your lettering, accents, and pictures to go along with your theme all which included the old-fashioned way of cut and past. I still like do a portion of some of my pages the old-fashioned way. But I have to say I really love the point and click to choose where you want to put your pictures, graphics and text. It makes it so easy to change your mind or try different layouts. The only thing I find a little overwhelming is there are so many choices to choose from. I have four grand-daughters to scrapbook for, so I welcome the technology!

Sammi’s Neverending 18th Birthday Card

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There are a total of four pages in all, when you get to the last page it opens back up to the first page. I put a pocket on the last page to slip in a little something special.

Knitted fingerless gloves