Winter Hat, Booties and Mittens for Baby Alice

Winter Hat,  Booties and Mittens for baby Alice

Winter Hat, Booties and Mittens for baby Alice

My great grand-daughter is due in November, so I got busy and learned how to make booties and no scratch mittens. I have made hats before for my other grand children but never had tried booties or mittens. I was very happy with the outcome and have to say I love you tube.



Knitted on a 10" loom from Knifty Knitter. Dark purple yarn called Charism by Loops & Threads. .I used the e-wrap knit stitch and added some fringe. I really love the pattern it made and I absolutley love the color.


Morgen's - red with sequins - knit stitch

This is Morgen’s scarf, I used red-hot enchantress yarn by Yarn Bee. It was a bulky weight and done in the knit stitch and fringe added. She loves it, it fits her like a shawl. She slept in it the first night she got it.

Aspen's - black with a shimmer - knit stitch

Aspen’s scarf ia made with a black shimmer yarn by Red Heart. It is a medium weight and done in the knit stitch and added fringe. It looks great on her and ties very easily.

Amelia's - pink,green & tan extended knit stitch

Amelia just loved the yarn in this scarf she said it was sooo soft. I tried a new stitch called the extended knit stitch and it makes the scarf feel very light and fluffy.

Amelia's - light yellow with beads - knit stitch

Amelia’s scarf made with a light baby yellow yarn with beads and fringe.

My First Loom Knitted Hat

I used the circular 31 peg loom by Knifty Knitter and Deep Purple Charisma Yarn from Loops &Threads. Using the e-wrap stitch I made a 2″ brim and an 8″ body. I tied it off with the drawstring method and topped it off with a pom-pom. I can’t wait to see how it fits my youngest grand-daughter, I think she is going to like it. Now I have to make each of the girls a hat to match their scarves.



My youngest grand-daughter asked me to teach her to knit, she is four years old. So I looked on you tube and came across finger knitting and thought it looked interesting. I tried it and I think she would probably be able to learn it. I made this scarve for her. I finger knitted six strands, I braided both sets of three together then I connected the two together and tied a knot in each end.

Purple Hat and Scarf


Finished scarf

This is my first attempt at knitting. When my grand-daughter was visiting she said grandma you need to learn to knit, I need a scarf. So I thought I would give it a try. She wanted specific colors and wanted it extra long.

I went to Joann’s fabric and went up and down the yarn isles, not really knowing what I was looking for except for the colors I wanted. I picked out a Bulky,Dark Grey Heather by Lion Brand Yarn Co and a Pine Green, Everyday Soft Worsted from the Deborah Norville Collection. I chose size 10 needles, then went home and watched some you tube tutorials and gave it a try. I knitted with the only stitch I know which is the garter stitch. It came out way to wide so I don’t know if she will like it but it was good practice.